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Arco - History

In Arco findings have been made from the Neolithic period as well as the Bronze Age and the Roman era. Over the years it underwent invasions by the Goths and the Longobards, up until the eleventh century when it established itself as a free commune and then in the following century Arco belonged to the Conti d’Arco, or Counts of Arco. The fighting between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, set the town of Arco alight several times, in 1579 the Count of Tyrol intervened, keeping the county until, once more, it became the fief of the Roman Empire. In 1703 the French destroyed the castle, causing irretrievable damage and in 1804 Arco passed into the hands of the Austrians. Arco changed hands several times, until, in 1918, it finally became part of Italy. Arco has been home to humanist Nicolò d’Arco, painter Giovanni Segantini and industrialist Gianni Caproni.

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